How Not To Work & Claim Benefits…

Film Making, Local Interest, Sound Recording

Had some really good news!

A few years ago I got involved with a local production team, Rotten Park Road,  about to start work making a feature film. Made entirely in Leek. It took a week to shoot and many many months in post production. I recorded all the dialogue, so yes I was the guy with the Mic on a long pole. I also had a couple of small cameos…

Once finally finished the film was touted around the film festivals and was picked up by LA based media firm Adler & Associates Entertainment

After finding our the hard way what ‘film deliverables’ are; a blog post for another time I think, we did some technical tweaking to meet requirements and Adler informed us of a likely sale to a ‘video on demand service.’

Well the news is  ‘How Not To Work And Claim Benefits & Other Useful Information For Wasters’ is now available to rent and buy on Amazon Video!

To say we’re quite pleased about this would be a monumental understatement!

At the time of writing this the movie has had some wonderful reviews. Thank you to all who’ve been so supportive of it!

While we were shooting it. I managed to grab a few behind the scenes photos…


We had access to a brilliant location right in the centre of Leek. The upper floors had been disused for quite sometime so they were almost perfect for our use. Being able to pretty much ‘do as you please’ with the rooms meant we could dress the place just as we wanted.


Many of the interior scenes in the movie were shot in different rooms in the same location.  We mostly just moved between rooms next door, or down the corridor. Probably the most convenient movie set ever.


Here we’re getting ready to shoot the pub scene. I can’t quite remember why Matt or DOP was filming two of our crew through a banana box.


An actual real pub this time, for an actual real drink.


Pat with Pip lining up a through-the-window shot.


Pip playing with the big toys. Grabbing a few shots.

All photographs taken by me.

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