Biddulph Valley Way – Fly Tipping

Local Interest, Photography

Earlier this week a local news story broke of Fly Tipping in a part of the Staffordshire Moorlands not too far away from where I live. The story ran on BBC Radio Stoke

Here’s the area on Google Maps.

Fly Tipping - Biddulph Valley Way

This photo on Google Maps will be a few years old, so the rubbish can’t be seen here. If you notice where the four long containers are situated in the oblong patch of ground. Those containers are no longer there but last week that whole area was filled with rubbish. Not just a few bin bags or an old discarded sofa but piles of rubbish, all baled neatly into cubes for transportation. So seemingly industrial rubbish rather than household.

Since the site is only about 15 minutes drive from where I live I popped over there with my Son to have a look. I took my drone with me to get some aerial shots of the site. I don’t know the area especially well and the site took a little bit of finding. A helpful local older gentleman gave me directions that it was opposite a pub. It seems the pub isn’t a pub anymore so I missed the turning! Two very nice walkers actually stopped at the turning for me and waved me in while I brought the car around. I was very grateful.


This was the first photograph I took when I put the drone in the air. As you can see the piles of rubbish are now safely contained within the yellow fencing. In the past few days there has been a lot of activity on the site. You can see from the fresh tire treads. I also shot a short video of the area.

The cyclist you see come into shot stopped for a few minutes for a chat. He lives in the area and was amazed that all that amount of refuse could be left there without anyone noticing. He suggested that it would be gone in the next few days as the local authority would want it dealt with before the BBC come back for the follow up story.

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