Beneath Still Water

Film Making, Sound Recording

This is the current filming project I’m involved with, recording dialogue and creating other foley effects as required. Beneath Still Water is a ghostly thriller based around the legend of Blake Mere Pool near Thorncliffe just outside Leek. Written by Steven K Beattie and Directed by Philip Kempson. The film comprises a cast and crew from Stoke on Trent and features many beautiful locations within the Staffordshire Moorlands. We’ve been shooting now on and off for nearly a year and principle photography is now almost complete. This weekend saw us once again shooting at The Heath House in Tean. A wonderful Victorian house set in acres of lush Staffordshire Countryside.

The Heath House

A place we’ve been fortunate to visit several times during production. Mostly we’ve been filming indoors, using the lavish rooms as a backdrop to the story. A real privilege to film here. 


This weekend though we were filming outdoors. And it rained. A lot.


Oh. It was night time. And cold.


Notice the water spray bottle on the car bonnet….In case things just weren’t quite wet enough…

The lousy weather added a marvellous atmosphere to the scenes we shot but its still fairly gruelling and making a film does involve an awful lot of standing around.

Moisture and water can play havoc with cameras and sound recording equipment and for this project especially, buying a decent water-proof Portabrace case for my Tascam HD-P2 digital recorder has paid dividends. Not to mention covering myself head to foot in decent wet weather gear too!

We did all survive the evening and even returned the following morning to pick up a couple of daylight exterior scenes. The rain just about held off but the wind blew. Another challenge for a sound recordist…

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