Have to begin somewhere…

Film Making, Radio Production, Sound Recording

There something a little bit daunting about writing the very first post on your own blog site. What do I write? What might folk want to know? Should I be funny? Serious? Political? Controversial even? After pondering over these questions way longer than I should I made the bold decision to just get on with it. Write and post stuff to please myself and see how it goes.

So, here it is. My corner of the internet. I feel at this point I should write a little about me. I live in the Staffordshire Moorlands, in England. About an hour’s drive south of Manchester, in the small market town of Leek.

May day job is in IT but it’s my hobbies and pass times which will feature more often here. I was a founding member of the board for Moorlands Radio, our very own Community Radio station. If you’re in the Staffordshire Moorlands you’ll find the station on 103.7FM otherwise online at: Moorlands Radio – Community Radio Station or www.tunein.com if you prefer.

These days rather than management, I’m a Studio Engineer, Production Assistant and Sound Editor for The Anything Goes Show, a specialist music show presented by my friend Simon Jones, which goes out every Sunday evening from 7pm.

We even have our own website here: “Anything Goes” with Simon Jones

Though not often heard on air I mix and record all the live sessions when we have a band or artist visit the programme. All our pre-recorded ‘specials’ are produced and edited by me and I help Simon cover gigs and festivals such as Cropredy and Rewind North, to name but two.

More recently and quite by accident I’ve become involved in film making. Dialogue recording mainly. You know, the guy with the boom Mic. It seems everyone wants to be in a film, or the camera operator but no one it seems wants to do sound. The first feature I was involved with was a film called How Not To Work And Claim Benefits And Other Useful Information For Wasters. A black comedy by these guys: Rotten Park Road – Award Winning Film & Theatre Company

It was a great experience and fantastic fun.

I’ll draw to a close my first blog post with the much over used phrase…To be continued….

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